Our Story

Who We Are?

We are a couple of best friends who strive to make your life more enjoyable with our hand-made, unique candles. Our friend-owned brand is all about helping your ideas and desires turn into great candles while supporting an environment and making it a great place to live. Our candles would fit well into your lifestyle if you care about your daily aesthetics and the nature of art, beauty, and taste wherever you go.

What do We do?

We love what we do! Environmentally friendly products, unique designs, and high-quality scents helped us to create outstanding candles that you can light up wherever you want, with whomever you want, and whenever you feel you deserve a treat! Use it as a gift that doesn't require special occasions.

Why Us?

Unlike other candle producers, we do care about youniqueness! If you love pink and glitter, we'll give you the pinkest candle with glitter and sweet & bright aroma scent as a cherry on the top. We'll also carefully pack it for you so that this purchase doesn't feel like 'another Amazon order', but like a Santa's present